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Work From Home
Work From Home


01 / FAST

You must have your own Computer, Landline Phone, Headset with Mic, and take a voice assessment screening and a comparability screening. To find and match you with companies that you will be most successful with.


Our opportunities requires: a Background Check, Drug Screening, and Affidavit of Identification.

03 / EASY

Find the course that fits your time schedule, go through the admissions, attend all the classes and meet the course qualifications for completion, then really start enjoying your new Lifestyle!

Become an Independent Contractor
Self-Employed and Setting Your Own Hours
Working From Home

Automated Ventures was founded in 2013 and has been a quality platform to the public ever since. Located in Texas, we provide timely response to our Independent Contractors. We are partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. is the world’s leading provider of virtual business process outsourcing and contact center services for brands seeking to improve business results through their sales and service channels. This allows us to have the available to many companies of the Fortune 150.


Automated Ventures, we strive to change the way the world works. We continuously deliver powerful solutions and drive differentiated results while making a positive impact on the world we live in.

Use the link below to get started today. This link will put you in the driving seat of your future. You make the call, you're in charge!


Automated Ventures has personal development training available to all our Independent Contractors, along with general updates from our partners platforms. This training and information is sent to our Contractors as needed. Contractors will have the 'Knowledge Zone' and 'CrowdHub' available 27/7.

You will need our Information to get started. Click on the link below: 

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Some of our available companies

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'Becoming Self-Employed'

"A guide to becoming self-employed. Becoming Self-Employed is one of the most exciting things you can do. One advantage is the freedom that comes with controlling your own future, but along with that freedom comes responsibility. I have seen a lot of people with good intentions, but who don't quite understand what it takes or means to start working as a self-employed individual. I hope this guide will shed some light into some of those seemingly dark corners of being self-employed......."

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